Debrief: LinkedIn Talent Connect Conference

I recently returned from LinkedIn’s 2015 Talent Connect Conference in Anaheim, CA. Since I’m still relatively a “newbie” to the Talent Acquisition and Talent Brand world, I had really been looking forward to attending the conference breakout sessions, networking with peers and deepening my knowledge base of LinkedIn’s spectrum of capabilities.

The conference fulfilled all my expectations and more. My favorite breakout sessions were put on by Talent Acquisition experts from Atlassian and Kellogg.

The Atlassian session presented three tips for planning your next talent brand campaign:
1. Plan like a marketer and find data to inform your decisions and goals.
2. Find your hook, or the message that will resonate with your target candidates. Think deeply about what the target audience needs.
3. Go big by going broad. Utilize multiple distribution channels to broaden your reach. For example, use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for your social campaigns.

The Kellogg breakout was based on learnings from a recent campaign to hire marketing talent. The point that I most valued was that the path to hire is very similar to the path to purchase. It’s very easy in concept, but was an “a-ha” moment for someone like me coming from consumer marketing.

The Path to Purchase
1. Get on the list [Desire]
2. Get in the cart [Decide]
3. Get in the heart [Delight]

The Path to Hire
1. Catch their eye [Desire]
2. Hit apply [Decide]
3. Refer that guy (or girl) [Delight]

Another big point from Kellogg was the practice of leveraging your own employees to share their employment success story. This is critical to successfully bringing your employer brand to life. And, who doesn’t love some great UGC?

I was fortune to hear about LinkedIn’s future products and business plan straight from the mouth of CEO, Jeff Weiner. Coming soon are a refreshed app, next generation Recruiter access, LinkedIn Referrals and integrations.

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Another highlight was the InLounge, an area where LinkedIn hosted all the breaks, product demos, one-on-one profile consultations and the LinkedIn #PictureOpportunity “photo studio truck” as seen below. What a great opportunity for me to get a fresh new profile photo from the experts on digital business etiquette.

Finally, I cannot say enough about the caliber of professionals this event pooled. I had fabulous conversations with experts from the likes of Target, Farmer’s Insurance, United Airlines and so many more. I cannot wait to continue those conversations on, of all places, LinkedIn.

…and the private dinner party in Disneyland wasn’t too bad either.